Kinguin Cares project for orphanages

Posted by Kinguin Team on Aug 5, 2021 12:53:02 PM

Kinguin Cares

This year Kinguin introduced the Kinguin Cares project, as part of which we are helping the Community. The general idea is to help kids from orphanages in Poland. The project was started in March and will last until the end of August. Kinguin's employees (Kinguiners) have visited 28 orphanages, providing access to gaming to over 650 children.

The first stage of the Kinguin Cares project, visiting orphanages and granting them new generation consoles with video games, was happening between March and July. We were able to visit the following orphanages:

  • Dom dziecka w Rawie Mazowieckiej
  • Dom Dziecka im. Ojca Św. Piusa XI w Chotomowie
  • Dom Dziecka Nr 1 "Nasz Dom" im. Maryny Falskiej w Warszawie
  • Dom Dziecka nr 2 w Łodzi
  • Dom Dziecka Nr 2 im. J. Korczaka w Warszawie
  • Dom Dziecka nr 15 im. Ks. G. P. Baudouina w Warszawie
  • Dom Dziecka nr 4 w Łodzi
  • Dom Dziecka w Równem
  • Dom Dziecka "Dom pod Kasztanami" w Siedlcach
  • Dom Dziecka Falbogi
  • Dom pod Żaglami w Gdańsku
  • Placówka Opiekuńczo-Wychowawcza nr 3 w Gdyni
  • Dom Dziecka "Na Wzgórzu" w Sopocie
  • Placówka Opiekuńczo-Wychowawcza nr 1 w Gdyni
  • Dom przy Lesie w Gdańsku
  • Dom Dziecka w Gnieznie
  • Dom Dziecka w Trzemesznie
  • Dom Dziecka „W Słońcu” w Lipnicy
  • Dom Dziecka nr 2 w Poznaniu
  • Dom Dziecka w Kórniku-Bninie
  • Centrum wspierania Rodzin "Swoboda" w Poznaniu
  • Placówka Opiekuńczo–Wychowawcza „Negeb” w Szamotułach
  • Placówka Opiekuńczo – Wychowawcza "Betania" w Szamotułach
  • Dom Dziecka "W Parku" w Olsztynie
  • Dom dla Dzieci i Młodzieży "PROMYK" w Morągu
  • Powiatowy Dom Dziecka w Kętrzynie
  • Placówka Opiekuńczo-Wychowawcza Nr 4 w Elblągu
  • Dom dla Dzieci w Nowym Dworze Gdańskim

We were very warmly welcomed by the kids and supervisors, they were not expecting such initiative. Children were very enthusiastic seeing Kinguin mascot and receiving consoles with video games. 

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"The director and employees of the Orphanage in Rawa Mazowiecka would like to thank Kinguin for providing our children with the newest console together with a set of video games. You have made our children very happy."

Visit orphanages

The second stage of Kinguin Cares project started in July. We have introduced a series of Webinars with well-kown Polish influencers (Luure, Nieuczesana, Popo and Fanaberry). Those were private/online sessions dedicated to kids from orphanages, participating in our CSR project.

The major topics that were discussed during webinars: 

  • How to start Youtube/Streaming carrer?
  • Typical day of gaming influencer.
  • What are the pros and cons of being gaming influencer?
  • Esport evolution in Poland.
  • Educational and social aspects of playing video games.
  • Q&A session with each influencer.

Webinars have an educational value for the kids in orphanages which can open a potential path of career to those kids. We have received a very positive feedback from both kids and their supervisors.

What is coming up next?

On August 26th we are organizing Great Finals for kids from orphanages in Kinguin Esports Lounge in Gdańsk. There will be special gaming contests with prices. Kids will be able to try our specially prepared meals. The entire event will be hosted by gaming influencers.

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