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Posted by Kinguin Team on Sep 21, 2020 4:34:35 PM

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The game season is starting! Autumn is when the biggest titles get released. Now is the best moment to join Kinguin Mafia and starting earning from your gaming knowledge.

It's really easy. You join - for free. You get a unique reflink. Then you talk about games and share the link with other people online. Whenever someone clicks it and buys a game, you get a 5% cut!


You won't find an easier and more hassle-free way to make moolah with almost no effort. You talk about games anyway, and recommending great deals is actually helpful to other people. And since our affiliation is completely free, you can only gain from riding the wave of autumn releases.

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You know your friends WILL be getting these games. Thanks to you, they can get them cheaper - and you can make money while helping them save money.

With Kinguin Mafia, everyone wins!

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