Grow the Mafia family to earn more and EASY

Posted by Kinguin Team on Sep 1, 2020 4:43:15 PM

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Do you make money with Kinguin Mafia? Would you like to earn MORE? You can do it, and with little effort - by inviting others to join.

With Kinguin Mafia, you can simply monetize your passion. Talk about games, recommend great deals, earn every time when someone takes them. But did you know you can BUILD YOUR TEAM to make more money?

Grow Your Tree of Affiliates

At any time you can enlist another person to Kinguin Mafia. You do it just the same way you recommend games: through a reflink you can generate in your panel.

Once a new person joins this way, you will always get a percentage from every sale they generate. Moreover, when your enlist a new affiliate, you STILL make money from this new person's sales!

There Are 3 Tiers of Earnings

Level I - you generate a sale directly and get 5%

Level II - your invitee generates a sale and you get 0.75%

Level III - their invitee generates a sale and you get 0.25%

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Imagine the Possiblities!

If you invite 10 people, and if each of them invites 10 people, you will have a huge affiliate network working for you, and for themselves! This is a great source of passive income, where you don't have to do anything to make money. But, since it's all about what you love to do, why stop? The more active you are, the more you earn.

Grow you Kinguin Mafia family and turn your gaming passion into a money maker!

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With Kinguin Mafia, everyone wins!

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