How does Kinguin API work?

Posted by API Team on Nov 16, 2021 3:49:18 PM

How API works

Did you know that if you have online store, blog, website or affiliate services, you can easily expand it to sell digital products using API integration with Kinguin?

API (Application Programming Interface) is a software intermediary that allows two applications to ‘talk to each other’. It connects computers or computer programs. The term API may refer either to the specification or to the implementation. 

Application programming interface, contrary to user interface, connects computers or pieces of software to each other. API is not intended to be used by end users, it is a tool for computer programmers, who are linking different software systems.

In terms of ecommerce API allows linking two different online stores and sharing the product base from one to another.

How does the Kinguin API work?

Kinguin API for eCommerce is a digital key distribution system, which links Kinguin’s marketplace database with an external online store. It enables online stores, blogs, information websites, affiliate services and all entrepreneurs operating on the Internet to expand their businesses, utilizing the potential of the gaming industry. They can import Kinguin’s stock to their website and sell products automatically, risk free and without buying products in advance.

When you connect with Kinguin’s API you are instantly getting access to over 50,000 unique digital products available at  Kinguin Integration is a ready-to-use web service, available at marketplace ( 

What is the purchase process with API?

Kinguin API scheme

When a visitor of your website selects a product and completes the transaction, the automatic API system will submit a query to Kinguin’s database. The key will be delivered instantly to your system, and then the client will receive it. The entire process takes a few seconds and your client can enjoy the new game at a low price!

One of the biggest advantages of the KinguinAPI system is that you don't have to pay in advance for the products. Kinguin charges your Kinguin eurBalance account only when your customer buys the product and the purchase is finalized. 

Kinguin offers dedicated Customer Service support which is available 24 hours, 7 days per week. If your client has any issues with the key, they can contact our Customer Service. With that you don’t need your own Customer Service and you can significantly reduce the cost of your business. 

How to start using Kinguin’s API?


  1. In order to start you should create an Account here: and provide all the necessary information to be verified and to generate an API access key.
  2. Then just apply for access by clicking the "Start Earning" button, and wait for the application to be processed. 
  3. To log into the panel, it is required to use Kinguin ID credentials. If you don’t have them, a new account is being created. After successful verification, the access is granted.


Store Verification

Now you are able to log into the panel and go to the “My Stores” tab. Here you should create a new store, which will be representing your online store in the panel.. In this step your unique API key will be generated. Remember to save it, it will be needed later during the integration process.

Store Integration

We offer professional technical support throughout the integration process. After your application is approved, a delivery manager will contact you for an introductory conversation. He will also invite you to our Slack channel where our developers team will answer all your technical questions. In addition to that you will get an invitation to a video call, so that you can see in practice how the registration and operation of the dashboard looks like. 

For more information please visit this GitHub page:

You will now use the API key, which you generated in the previous step. Now you are ready to import the list of products, including:

  • Price
  • Images
  • Stock
  • Descriptions
  • Other attributes (ex. platform, genre, PEGI rating, supported languages, tags)

For testing purposes we offer access to our sandbox platform. You will gain access to it after registration.


In the last step you have to add funds to your Kinguin eurBalance wallet. Then the orders can be dispatched to your customers.

Congratulations, at this point you have over 50,000 unique digital products available at your website ready to be sold. You can now set your margin  and make profit, selling them to your customer base.

Thanks to Kinguin’s API, all e-commerce stores can start earning money, without the need of having their own stock of products.

Try it now at:

If you have any questions feel free to contact our API team:

Jujelyn Villanueva - Sales Development Specialist

Oskar Murglin - Delivery Manager

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