FIFA 23 vs. FIFA 22 – features and gameplay comparison

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September 2022 will certainly be a happy month for all fans of the FIFA series games! The release date of the next instalment of this iconic series is already known. What changes does FIFA 23 bring compared to its predecessor?

FIFA 23 - The last part of the iconic series?

The FIFA series is certainly a huge piece of history in the world of video games. FIFA 23, which is announced for release on September 30, 2022, so far is expected to be the last of the iconic series produced by Electronic Arts. FIFA 23 will be a sort of farewell to the series in its current form. The developers of the game have announced a number of changes to close this chapter of history with a bang. Already in July 2023, a new era will begin. From then on, the fans of virtual football will be able to play EA SPORTS FC

What new features will FIFA 23 surprise players with?

FIFA is certainly one of the most popular football-themed games in history. Coming out from under the EA Sports banner, the series surprises its fans with new improvements and features in every part. This time, too, the game's developers have done their best to ensure that the latest FIFA 23 brings players further challenges, unforgettable emotions and a better aesthetic experience. 

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The next level of HyperMotion

The HyperMotion2 technology introduced to FIFA 23 will allow the Motion Capture database to be expanded twofold. With this enhancement, more than 6,000 extremely realistic animations of both male and female football players have been added to the game.

HyperMotion is a technology that has a special impact on the realism of the entire game. The new generation of HyperMotion introduces faster and more realistic movement of the entire team into the game. The motion animation of female players will also become more natural – it bases on the real movement of women during a match.

Free access to the World Cup

EA Sports is bringing another feature to the latest instalment. Players will have access to international soccer competitions such as the FIFA Women's World Cup Australia and New Zealand 2023, and the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022! Participation in these sporting events is expected to be completely free for FIFA 23 owners after updates that will be added around the dates of these sporting events.

Return of Juventus Turin and exclusion of Russian teams

The game's developers have long announced the absence of Russian clubs in the latest instalment of FIFA. They have kept their word, which is why we won't see the Russian national team or any Russian teams in the next part of the series. Representatives of Electronic Arts unequivocally confirmed their standing against Russia's actions. This decision also shows solidarity with the Ukrainian people.

However, the absence of Russian teams and the Russian national team itself in the latest FIFA 23 is not the only change in the number of teams present in the game. After a three-year absence, Juventus Turin is returning to the game. All fans of the Italian team will surely be pleased with such a change.

Women's football teams as one of the novelties in FIFA 23

The latest instalment of the game in the iconic FIFA series brings with it a number of significant changes and new features. One of them is the introduction of women's teams from the Barclays FA Women's Super League and Division 1 Arkema leagues into the game. Such a thing did not take place in any of the previous parts of the game. The developers also announced that thanks to HyperMotion2 technology, which will be brought into FIFA 23, animations in women's soccer will be brought to a whole new level.

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FIFA 23 vs. FIFA 22 – key changes

This year EA Sports is releasing the final installment of the FIFA series under its banner. It will come as no surprise that they have made every effort to make the game more immersive and realistic than all the previous parts. What changes can be expected in the latest installment? Will they actually be so spectacular?

Graphics – a comparison with FIFA 22 

EA Sports, announcing the release of FIFA 23, shared parts of the gameplay. These included excerpts from the game, free kicks and the movement of players. 

All this was compared to FIFA 22. The changes in graphics are visible at first glance. Where are the biggest differences?

  • The appearance of football players – the faces of sports stars have been refreshed. In addition, their facial expressions have been slightly modified, and the players' outfits have been updated;
  • Audience – the audience present in the stands is more diverse, due to their new clothes. The audience also knows more chants;
  • Movement of female football players – thanks to the HyperMotion technology, the movement of female football players is much more natural and feminine.

All the changes in the latest installment of FIFA can be described as much more realistic. It seems that using the latest technology, the developers of the game are aiming for the greatest possible ease and realism during gameplay.

Crossplay function

Crossplay is a feature that will allow competition between opponents on different platforms. However, they must be of the same generation. In the latest instalment of the game, FIFA 23, the crossplay function will be expanded with a number of new modes. The number of platforms that the feature covers has also been increased. The crossplay feature will still have some significant limitations. Owners of different generations of the game will not be able to play together, only owners of the same version of the game will play together.

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