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Posted by Kinguin Team on Jul 30, 2021 3:25:15 PM

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Esports is one of the fastest-growing disciplines in the world. It is no longer just playing your favourite video game on a computer but most of all a profitable business. The top corporations are looking for specialists to employ, who, with the right kind of knowledge, will rise to the challenge and introduce them to a number of esports initiatives and projects.

The popularity of electronic sports in Poland is constantly growing. More and more young people decide to take up jobs in the broadly defined gaming industry. According to the data shared by, about 10,000 people in Poland worked in the video game industry in 2020. Having in mind all those who would like to join the industry in the future, and Kinguin, along with the Wyższa Szkoła Kultury Fizycznej i Turystyki im. Haliny Konopackiej w Pruszkowie [Halina Konopacka University of Physical Culture and Tourism in Pruszków] have created the first-ever Bachelor’s Degree programme in Esports in Poland. Students can count on experienced, qualified lecturers, including founders of esports organisations, managers, experts, as well as coaches, players and esports influencers.

Upon completion, the course’s graduates will receive two diplomas: in management and in esports management. Additionally, during the course, the student will receive an esports instructor certificate.

The specialisation classes include:

  • Socio-legal issues of esports activity,
  • Psychology of esports,
  • Financial aspects of running an esports team,
  • Risks and unfair practices associated with disrupting the competition in esports,
  • Internet law versus esports,
  • Sports theory and the environment of esports,
  • Esports marketing and communication,
  • Building business models in esports,
  • Statistical analysis of esports events,
  • Management of an esports organization,
  • Training and coaching methods in esports,
  • Management of esports projects within the digital environment,
  • Digital content creation in esports.

Graduates will have the opportunity to gain knowledge about the structures of esports organizations and the management thereof. Practical knowledge will also be crucial. Students will be able to acquire it, among others, during summer internships in Kinguin Esports Performance Center in Warsaw. The course will allow students to take an active part in creating and managing esports teams and events in the sector, moreover, they will gain the expertise to manage esports departments in companies outside the industry that need employees with knowledge about the functioning of electronic sports.

The course will not only educate the future employees of entities directly involved in esports but also specialists working for the clients who are indirect recipients of esports competition. The course is supposed to transfer the knowledge acquired by specialists in the segment of electronic sports to the outside world while incorporating into it the know-how of other industries.

The students will familiarise themselves with the organisational structures commonly known in esports, sports and the broadly defined entertainment industry. They will also learn about the factors, which help companies succeed in esports, including branding, project management, positioning, infrastructure and the sources of financing. Students will be able to boast the interdisciplinary practical knowledge, which they will gain from the esports, law, finance and media experts.

The importance of the correct education to prepare graduates for work in esports was presented to us by people from the world of gaming, with whom students will meet during their studies.

Paweł Książek (Esports Strategy & Content Director in Kinguin) "Educating about esports is very important, not only to promote and show the good points of the industry but also by making people aware of the problems players, teams or tournament organisers face. That’s why we are looking forward to contributing to the next step in creating esports courses in schools and universities. We also hope that this will help prepare professionals to work in this specific but exciting environment."

Daria Rupniewska ( CEO, responsible for the concept and the esports part of the course programme)  "Graduates can not only manage organisations or people but also projects and communities. This type of education is currently really needed in the esports industry. Knowing the requirements and deficits in various organizations in the industry, we offer studies adequate to the needs, with an expert staff and the option of fully remote learning throughout Poland. What is more, the direct invitation of influencers from the world of gaming to share their knowledge in guest lectures is a rather innovative approach. From the very first semester, we hope to provide students with both theoretical and practical knowledge"

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