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Sales booster

Feb 23, 2021 5:00:00 PM / by Hans


Update 09.03.2021

Starting from 11.03.2021 a change to Salesbooster will be introduced. Price of the offer will have now much bigger impact on buy button probability. If your price will be higher than lowest price on the marketplace, your offer will have less probability of showing up at buy button. This measure is being taken in order to deliver the best balance between merchant's exposure and end customer satisfaction.


   Using the Sales Booster means that your offer will be presented under the “Buy Now” button on the product page. This makes it more visible to the Customer.


   Exposure under the Buy Button depends on the bid only and is expressed as a percentage. This number means how many times your offer will be presented to the Customers per 100 impressions. 

   To place the bid on the Sales Booster, go to the merchant panel, to the My Offers section. Place your bid under “Buy Button Probability”. 


How does it work? 

   When your Buy Button Probability is 40%, it means that 40% of the customers who visit the product page will see your offer under the “Buy Now” button.

   The highest probability you can get is 100%. Of course it will come at a higher price, so make sure to find the best balance between the price, bid value, and exposure. 


Note that excessive prices may have a negative impact on your sales! 



How to place a bid?

   To use the Sales Booster feature, click the Bid button. When your bid is set, the exposure is shown as a percentage. 


   Bear in mind that the percentage is adjusted in real time. If, for example, Merchant A bids on an offer and gets 100% exposure. One hour later, Merchant B bids on the same offer and gets 50% exposure. This will reduce the exposure of Merchant A to 50%. Keep an eye on your bids! 


IMPORTANT! We greatly recommend to use the bids wisely, and to plan the pricing for your promotions. Excessive prices may have a negative impact on your sales in the short term, and on your entire brand in the long run. 


When NOT to use the bid?


   If your price is marked in green, then it is the best offer at the moment. This means that at this time, you may not need to use any additional sales tools like the Sales Booster. Only if you are first price you influence your positioning on the buy button. Prices which are below the top spot(1st position) do not influence the sales booster at all(and are not influenced by default by the sales booster) and maybe you can consider triggering the tool manually for more sales! 

However, remember that this may change at any time, so keep an eye on the situation. 


How to remove the bid?

   If you want to remove the bid you’ve placed, just set the value in the Bid field to 0 (zero).


   A popup will open where you can adjust your settings. 



   Bids are settled in the CPA model (Cost Per Action). You are charged when a Customer successfully purchases a key from your promoted offer. Bids are deducted from your eurBalance and can be viewed in the Operations section, under the name SALESBOOSTER_BID. 


You are now ready to start using the Sales Booster. We wish you great sales!


Written by Hans