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Kinguin's API for eCommerce

Jul 18, 2020 4:00:00 PM / by Hans

Hello! Today we would like to tell you about a special product that is available on our Business Store!


It's the Kinguin API for eCommerce! Which comes in three convenient pricing tiers: 

Basic - https://business.kinguin.net/product/basic-starter-pack/

Standard - https://business.kinguin.net/product/standard-starter-pack/

Deluxe - https://business.kinguin.net/product/deluxe-starter-pack/ (best value!)


With Kinguin API for eCommerce connected to your store, you will get access to impressive features such as:

  • 15,000 products available for purchase on Kinguin, now with an API for eCommerce, available on your own store!
  • Safety - our trusted suppliers will provide you with stock of best quality!
  • Payments - API for eCommerce has got you covered! If payment method is available on Kinguin, it will be also available for your eCommerce store.
  • Vast customer base (7 million!), and customer support staff working 24/7 to resolve any issues that your customers may encounter..
  • Automation - aside from balance top-ups, we will take care of the rest, your store will be automatically up-to-date with every offer that appears on Kinguin’s marketplace.

Feel free to visit https://www.kinguin.net/integration/ for more information on Kinguin for eCommerce. Our team of specialists will be at your disposal after filling out the contact form. 


Increase your sales today!

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Written by Hans